The next year conference is a 7th of the series initiated in 1985 by the first "International Conference on Diamond Crystallization Under Reduced Pressure". Next conferences took place in 1995, "C-BN and Diamond Crystallization Under Reduced Pressure", in 2001, "Novel application of Wide Bandgap Layers," in 2005, "4th International Conference on Nanodiamond and Related Materials" and in 2010 "5th Wide bandgap Materials - progress in synthesis and applications”. The subject of all the conferences was directed toward the diamond and diamond-like carbon layers and other broadband materials with regard to their production, characterization and application in different technological areas.


The Smart Engineering of New Materials fits into the scope of the previous meetings in this series. This year, however, we want to pay special attention to modern two and three-dimensional materials, their synthesis, functionalization, characterization and application, including historically anchored carbon and wide band-gap materials.


The program of the Conference features a combination of plenary lectures, high level keynote talks by internationally renowned specialists, parallel sessions around well defined topics, and poster presentations.  Apart from the general sessions covering the main Conference topics,  one additional special session for students and young scientists is planned.



The Smart Engineering of New Materials will be organized at the same time as Microtherm 2017, just to give an opportunity for the Participants to take part in different sessions of both Conferences.


Conference Leaflet